Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on PFF Program:

What is ‘Penang Future Foundation (PFF)’? PFF is a scholarship program awarded by Penang State Government to outstanding and deserving Malaysians to pursue first full time undergraduate degree in Malaysia.
What is the objective of PFF?

The objective of Penang Future Foundation (PFF) is to encourage Malaysians to pursue higher education in line with attracting and retaining talents in Penang.
What are the fields of study sponsored by PFF? Only MQA fully accredited courses in Science*, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Accountancy/ Finance will be sponsored.

*Exclude Medicine
Who is eligible to apply for the PFF? PFF Scholarship is open to all Malaysian students. Kindly refer to the Scholarship & Eligibility.
I am a Diploma holder in Engineering and would like to further pursue my degree; can I use my Diploma result to apply for the scholarship?
Students must have completed their Diploma/ Pre-U studies before they can apply for PFF. Refer to the Scholarship & Eligibility.
Will I be bonded upon completion of my degree?

There will be a service bond based on the total amount sponsored (Tuition Fee AND Living Allowance). PFF scholars are required to work in Penang in any organization of their choice upon completion of study.
What is the duration of the scholarship?

Minimum period required for completion of degree course (to graduate on time).
What is the full scholarship value? Depending on the category of scholarship, the 'PFF Penang Scholar' sponsors tuition fee up to RM 100,000 with a monthly living allowance of RM 1,000; the 'PFF Mutiara Scholar' sponsors tuition fee up to RM 60,000 with a monthly living allowance of RM 600.
Can I change my field of studies after the commencement of the sponsorship?

No. Changing the field of studies after the commencement of sponsorship is not allowed. Exceptional case is subject to special review and approval by the selection committee.
I am currently on financial aid (scholarship/ study loan), am I eligible to apply for the scholarship?

You may apply. However, if you are offered the PFF scholarship, you would have to make a choice as PFF does not permit other financial assistance (scholarship/ study loan/ grant etc).

*For avoidance of doubt, 'other financial assistance' does NOT include scholarship(s) received in the form of tuition fee waiver/ discount (50% of the tuition fee or less) from the Academic Institution which the scholar is enrolled in. 
I am planning to study abroad, am I eligible for the scholarship?

Save for twinning programmes*, PFF scholarship is only applicable for studies carried out in IPTA/IPTS in Malaysia.
*Twinning programmes are allowed provided
(a)    studying period in Malaysia must not be less than half of the total duration expected for scholar to graduate; and
(b)    PFF will only bear the Malaysian portion of tuition fees up to a maximum of the scholarship award. Any portion charged by the IHL’s foreign partner will be borne by the scholar at no further costs to PFF.
I am a Permanent Resident of Malaysia, can I apply? No. The scholarship is strictly for Malaysians.
I am still doing my STPM, can I apply? No. A full STPM result slip is required at the point of applying.
I am turning 26 later this year but at the point of application, I am still 25 years old. Can I apply? Yes, you may, as long as you are not above the age of 25 on 1st Jan of the year application closes.

(Example: For Year 2017's application, birth year 1991 and younger are eligible to apply.)
Can I apply if I haven’t received offer letter from a university or college yet? Yes, you may apply by indicating your chosen course and institution. Any offer of scholarship will be regarded as “provisional offer” until an official letter of acceptance by university is given to us.
Can I upload Photos as supporting documents? No. All supporting documents must be scanned documents in good quality. Poor quality of documents may result in disqualification.
What happens If I miss the application deadline? Late applications will not be considered.
What happens if I fail to maintain the minimum CGPA required for two consecutive semesters during my tenure with PFF Scholarship? A warning letter will be issued to the scholar once they have failed to maintain the minimum CGPA required for a semester. Subsequently, should the scholar fail to maintain the minimum CGPA required for the subsequent semester, the State Government may exercise its discretion to revoke the scholarship.
What happens if the PFF Scholarship rewarded to me is revoked? The scholar and guarantors will have to reimburse the State Governmeent for all monies within 60 days.
What is a Tax Return Form? Refer to Inland Revenue Malaysia's (LHDN) website.

For example, if the Father is employed, he should file for Borang BE.
What happens if my Father is earning below Taxable Income and does not submit Tax Return Form? Please declare the Annual Income as it is and proceed without submitting Tax Return Form. 

However, you are then be required to produce Statutory Declaration IF you are being shortlisted to the Selection Interview. 
I am a UEC Student, how do I convert my scores into CGPA? UEC Students are to convert their best FIVE (5) subjects into CGPA. Please refer below for the conversion rate:

Subject Marks GPA Awarded UEC
80 - 100 4.00 A1 (85-100)
A2 (80-84)
75 - 79 3.67 B3 (75-79)
70 – 74 3.33 B4 (70-74)
65 - 69 3.00 B5 (65-69)
60 - 64 2.67 B6 (60-64)
55 - 59 2.33 C7 (55-59)
50-54 2.00 C8 (50-54)

Formula: [(subject A's Credit Points * GPA Awarded) + (subject B's Credit Points * GPA Awarded) + (subject C's Credit Points * GPA Awarded) + (subject D's Credit Points * GPA Awarded) + (subject E's Credit Points * GPA Awarded)] / Total Credit Points = Actual CGPA
If my CGPA is above 3.67 and annual income falls below RM 60,000, am I eligible to apply for Mutiara Scholar instead of Penang Scholar? No. Following the eligibility criteria that applies for each category, applicants can only apply for the category they are eligible for and not vice versa.

       Application Enquiry:

How do I apply for PFF Scholarship? Application for PFF Scholarship is only available via online at the On-Line Application.

Please be advised that PFF will not accept any application done over the counter, through post  and/or using other means apart from online. 
When will the application be available and when is the deadline to apply the scholarship?

The opening and closing dates of the online application will be posted at the running message on the PFF home page OR PFF Facebook Page.
How do I submit online application? Kindly refer to this  On-Line Application for application steps.
Do I need a guarantor for the scholarship application?

Two Guarantors are required for students awarded the scholarship when completing the agreement.
I have reviewed my information and some of them are incorrectly inserted. Can I still correct them? You may save and edit at any point of time before the application is submitted. Please be advised however that ONCE your application is submitted, NO CHANGES will be allowed.
Students are expected to demonstrate reasonable measure of care and effort in ensuring that the application’s content is accurate and true before submission. 
How do I know if my online submission is successful? A notification message will be sent to you via the email which you have registered.
Having submitted my application, when can I check with PFF as to whether I’m shortlisted for interview? Only shortlisted candidates will be notified via email. If you do not receive any notification from us by 15 August 2017, please consider your application as unsuccessful and try again in the next PFF scholarship opening.

       Selection Enquiry:

What are the selection criteria? The selection criteria can be viewed at Scholarship & Eligibility.
If I cannot turn up for the interview, may I reschedule it to another session/date?
Any request to reschedule is subject to availability within that same session or alternative session on   the given date of interview.
Please be advised however, that request to reschedule will not be entertained save for extenuating circumstances beyond your control e.g. illness, examination. Students who find themselves affected by these reasons must inform the PFF Secretariat as soon as practicable, and provide us with relevant documentary proof e.g. medical certificate, letter from university confirming examination scheduled on the date concerned.   
If my request to reschedule the interview is allowed, may I be interviewed on another day?
Unless informed otherwise by the PFF’s Secretariat, the answer is no. 
What should I bring to the Selection Interview? Certified True copies of ALL supporting documents. If no tax return form, kindly produce a Statutory Declaration.